We now offer to our students and partners different options adapted to their needs and contributions, in terms of advertisement, hospitality, visibility, etc. in an environment in which the architecture of our new premises is the canvas where people can experience natural beauty through a design strategy that encourages interaction with physical environment.

Schools, companies, artists, individuals, institutes, the Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad is the place for all your needs!

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Various spaces inside the Alliance Française are ready to welcome you for:

1. Cultural use: State-of-art multi-purpose hall that can be transformed in an exhibition gallery, a film-screening space or a performance/music concert auditorium according to various needs.

2.Institutional use: For general meetings, executive boards, staff meetings/trainings, conferences, commercial events, press meets.

3. Teachers and students use: For trainings, interactions, get-togethers and to know more about the opportunities for higher studies in France.

For your Cultural, Pedagogical, Institutional and Commercial needs, discover our various facilities:





The French Gallery :

960 sq.ft., could accommodate up to 100 people seated, with 4 cassette AC units Equipped with audio & video facilities (electric screen 8x10ft., high definition video projector, 4 ceiling speakers, cordless and wired mics, amplifier, Blu-Ray/DVD player, mix control), with good acoustic quality and comfort. General lighting with also independent spotlights. Mobile stage, lectern, incorporated railings for exhibition purpose and additional exhibition unit, access from the lobby area and with a second access directly to/from the 85°C Cafe.

The Multimedia Library :Multimedia Library

1510 sq.ft. of cultural pleasure for the AF members for borrowing books, DVDs, CDs and attend cultural events. 4000+ titles– novels, art books, comics, newspapers and magazines, French language learning materials, Selection of French movies and music. WIFI access and 3 computers available for surfing the Internet. A relaxation area with 2 TVs to watch French movies or TV5, the French channel