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Studying at the heart of Europe


France, the most popular tourist destination in the world, has become one of the best places for international students to pursue higher education over the last decade.Known for its fashion, cuisine, wines, museums, sports superstars, France houses some of the world’s top ranked universities and internationally renowned management, engineering fashion and tourism schools.

Campus France is a government agency that operates under the French Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of higher Education and Research. being a part of We provide personalised counselling sessions and organize various workshops throughout the year for students looking to pursue education in France. These sessions help students acquire relevant and necessary information about the programs offered by different French institutions.

10 Reasons to Choose France


01.  France is the first country who signed a mutual recognition agreement with India

02.   A French degree gives you access to the 570 French companies operating in India

03.   Over 500 French scholarships are available to Indian students.

04.   The richness and diversity offered by the French system make it easy to find an educational program that matches your background and goals

05.   Programmes are professionally oriented and combine theory and practice and use professional tools in real-world settings

06.   1500 French programmes are taught in English

07.   France is the world’s fourth-largest destination for international students and the leading non-English speaking destination

08.   Learn French, learn the official language of over 30 countries across 5 continents

09.   France tops research and innovation with over 64 Nobel Laureates and 15 Fields Medals

10.   An environment favorable to innovation and to young entrepreneurs


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