Section: Cinema
Vetal Nagri

As a part of the Month of Documentary Festival,
We bring you a wonderful film by Leandre Bernard-Brunel with Abhishek Mistry.
Léandre Bernard-Brunel and his faceless narrator are unequalled when it comes to recreating sociability on the threshold, and allowing words to circulate fluidly between the inside and outside. In the streets of Vadodara, in the State of Gujarat in India, a man drives around on a motorbike, stops and hands out a newspaper to the street craftsmen. Thumbing through this illustrated magazine – where the filmmaker and his Gujarati friend have gathered stories of local ghosts – triggers their desire to tell stories. 
Vetal nagri intertwines the creation of a place’s atmospheres and the collection of oral tradition.

The screening of the film will be followed by Rencontre with Abhishek Mistry representing the director Leandre Bernard-Brunel,
as he shares with us the making of the film.

17th November, 2017
7 pm | French Gallery
Open to all and Free

Have a glimpse of the film in the trailer below.


Vetal Nagri, preview from Léandre Bernard-Brunel on Vimeo.