For upcoming workshops, we’re offering a Grammar Workshop, French for Business, Theatre Workshop, French Culture, Civilisation and History, and Conversation Classes.


We have many interesting workshops throughout the year, kindly inquire for more details regarding them. Some of the workshops we conduct quite regularly are –
Kaleidoscope (30 hours, minimum level A2)
Do you have difficulties tackling French songs, comics, articles, movies on your own? Do you wish to improve your grades at the “Comprehension” part of the DELF exams? Or are you just curious to explore the French world through a variety of media (videos, movie scenes, poetry, paintings, documentaries and many more)? Then this course is for you.
Watch, speak, read and enjoy yourself with us !

Grammar revision (30 hours, minimum level A2)
Review: “ la voix passive”, “le gérondif”, “l’emphase”, ‘‘les constructions impersonnelles’’, “l’expression de la cause”, “l’expression de la conséquence ”, “l’expression des conditions et restrictions”. Practice conjugations every session and go through ‘ la place de l’adverbe”, ‘‘ les articles” et “la place de l’adjectif”. Discover these problems through videos, movie snippets, literary texts, advertisements and practice a lot to be on top of things!

Reading club : le 17eme siècle (30 hours, minimum level B1)
There’s much more to the 17th century than Molière , Racine and Corneille. Particularly, one cannot ignore the inputs of great thinkers like Descartes and Pascal and many enjoyable, lesser known in India, the writers of that time: la Bruyère , Boileau , Fénelon , la Rochefoucauld , Malherbe. Come and discover the lasting impact these men have left in today’s society.
NB: This course would be particularly profitable for students wishing to appear for the C1 exams in the literary stream or to improve on their B2 comprehension skills. However, all are welcome !

Survival kit (40 hours, no level requisite)
This workshop is designed for students with no prior knowledge of french language or for students who want to refresh their day to day french. You will learn how to introduce yourself, ask directions, ask and give opinions, describe an event, a person, be able to book and organize your travel there.

Tourist guide special crash course (40 hours, minimum level: A1)
In this workshop you will learn how to improve yourself as a tourist guide for french speaking people. Learn French approach of tourism and French touristic technical vocabulary. Practice together in Ahmedabad old city to have a very pragmatical approach of the workshop.