Become an Alliance Française member and/or partner, sponsor

A personalised Membership Card is issued to all members of the Alliance Française (students, individuals, couples, families). With it, you can borrow documents from our multimedia library and enjoy on complementary basis all the events and activities organised by our institute, and on top of that, discounts at the Café Le Rendez-Vous!

It is possible to become member anytime during the year – Half-Yearly and quarterly Memberships are offered.

Keeping in mind the objectives of each partner, we propose different options adapted to our partners’ capacity of support and we could offer benefits in terms of: hospitality (French Gallery, classrooms, library, café Le Rendez-Vous), invitations to exclusive events, facilities for documents translation & interpretation services, promotional visibility and advertisement returns, various discounts.

Download the Alliance Française presentations to know more about our facilities and activities, and to explore the proposed benefits for our members and partners.

Download the Membership Form HERE


Alliance Française is the only foreign cultural centre in Ahmedabad since last 30 years to be engaged in promoting linguistic and cultural activities and develop bilateral cultural and pedagogical exchanges between India and France/Europe.

The only official representation of France in Gujarat for the promotion of pedagogical and cultural activities, the Alliance Française enjoys an excellent reputation and benefits of a tremendous local appreciation. Its rich and varied cultural calendar offers different events throughout the year with a very strong visibility. We are teaching French to more than 3000 students on our campus in Ahmedabad and in Baroda, as well as at many Colleges and Universities, and also to professionals working with France or francophone countries.


Please note that all contributions to Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad are tax-deductible
Tax incentives give companies a tax break; Partners are involved beyond this benefit, for the development of the cross-cultural dialogue between Europe and India.

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”

You could also support the Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad in various ways:

1. Donate time

The Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad always welcomes individuals who are passionate not only about French language and culture, but also about donating their time and resources to help the advancement of the organization.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in French Culture and help a good cause at the same time, then the Alliance Française can help you find a volunteer opportunity that is right for you.

2. Donate expertise

Like most non-profits organizations, the goals and objectives of the organization are often loftier than the resources available to carry them out. That is why the Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad is always looking for skilled help.

Individuals with expertise in technology, public relations, finance and development, can effect positively and promote the advancement of the Alliance Française.

3. Donate Money

Know that one person does make a difference!

Your financial support to the Alliance Française promotes cultural diversity in the Ahmedabad Community. It provides a forum for promoting a worldly perspective in today’s global society. Although being part of the global Alliance network, we are independent and count on the local community and their generosity as well as other donor sources.

The Alliance Française doesn’t serve a commercial purpose. In each country, it is self-managed, registered according to local laws as a non-profit organization and run by a board formed of people from the fields of business, science and culture. Our main objectives are to promote and enhance the knowledge and appreciation of French and Francophone cultures, to increase knowledge of the French language, and to encourage interaction among French, Francophone and Indian people through programs in education and the arts.

Together we will ensure Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad continued prominence as a vibrant cultural force in Ahmedabad.