Fête de la Photo
Fête de la Photo comprises of the following events:

Photo Exhibition with French Artist Xavier Zimbardo
Jyoti Sangh photo exhibition
Women’s issues with Jyotisangh
Instagram Scavenger Hunt
Ahmedabad Archives – Photo exhibition on Living Heritage of Ahmedabad

Fête de la Photo celebrates photography in various forms of its evolution

Fête de la Photo, modelled on the open and accessible Fête de la Musique, indulges photography and its various forms. This festival aims to celebrate the photographic as much as the photograph. It brings together photographers, amateurs and professionals, and photography enthusiasts, from India and France to create a dialogue around photographic practice and image making. The festival will encourage initiatives in public spaces by drawing attention to the medium of photography.

The history of photography is embedded in the cultural history of France

From the earliest surviving photographs of Niépce to the aesthetic realism of Bresson, France has been an important contributor in blossoming photography into an art form. India, on the other hand has been a fascinating subject for photographers. Many European photographers have reflected on India to develop some of their best works.. Through collaborations with a diverse group of arts organizations and artists, the festival will bring both experimental and traditional art to the public in outdoor, indoor and online platforms.


Today photography is practised under many forms:

  • As an art
  • As a hobby
  • As a social activity

Which means it has become the most popular art form:

  • Everybody can be a photographer
  • Everyone can appreciate photography


  • Reaches a new audience by taking photography out of the traditional spaces (museum, galleries)
  • Invests the public space to change the relationship between people and their city
  • Uses online platforms destined to amateur and occasional photographers
  • Brings together amateur and professional photographers and photography enthusiasts
  • Fosters organisational and community partnerships throughout India


Broad objectives of the festival

  • Take photography out of the gallery spaces and bring it on the street.
  • Showcase different forms and methods of photographic practice and image making.
  • Develop and acknowledge Franco-Indian collaboration in creative practices.
  • Reach out to new audiences by taking photography out of the traditional spaces.
  • Invest the public space to change the relationship between people and their city.
  • Promote interaction in the public space and increase civic participation through celebrations.
  • Promote preservation (City Heritage Center)
  • Uses online platforms destined to amateur and occasional photographers.



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