KALAM/TERRE (earth) is a contemporary piece inspired by a ritual from Kerala (South India), Kalam Ezhuttu (space drawing).
In this ephemeral invocation to the unfolding of time and space, KALAM/ TERRE presents the phases of the piece, from its origin to its disappearance, that is from the elaboration of the drawing to the bodies of the dancers erasing it. This organic and eloquent dance composed of crawling and jumps is magnified by filmed images of bodies mutating, a strange memory of plant life and animal life.
The music, composed by François-Bernard Mâche for percussion and elementary sounds, creates a sturdy structure as dance and video alternate.
KALAM/TERRE unfolds in two phases
Phase one: the drawing of the Kalam on stage: 5 hours open to the audience
and /or a video projection // A Possible Meeting with the audience 90 min
before the show // adaptation according to site and stage. The visual artist traces on the floor a huge “mandala” with rice powder and the intertwined shapes are filled in with five colored powders.
Phase two: the dance performance (45 min): both dancers inhabit the space of the drawing at the foot of two large video screens before erasing its boundaries.  




Via Alliance Française Ahmedabad Front Desk

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Date(s) - 20/12/2019
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Natarani Amphitheatre