The journey of man looking for connection with himself and nature. A Dance and Theatre show inspired by the oldest martial art in the world, Kalaripayattu from Auroville and La Reunion. Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad with Ritam (Auroville), Kalarigram and Porteur d’eau (La Reunion) is presenting BHU (Earth).
Artistic Direction by Philippe Pelen Baldini 

About the Performance
India has a deep and ancient tradition of connecting with the Bhuthas (Five Elements): earth, water, fire, air and ether. The Bhuthas are universal. Through connecting with them, humans can reconnect with the origin and cradle of consciousness that is the source of all matter. In this show we invoke the spirit of the BHU element (earth). The Kalari warrior carries, in his body, the memory of the earth. Through this process, we are able to reconnect to the pure origin that keeps him in motion with the heartbeat of the earth. We create a dialogue between the earth and the body of the performers, music and the audience.

Kalaripayattu is the world’s most ancient martial art, and is dedicated to the five elements. It is the origin of many forms of theatre, dance and martial art in Asia, such as Kathakali, Koodiattam, Kung Fu and many more.
The earliest Masters of Kalari were inspired by nature and took their forms from eight different animals: The Elephant, Horse, Lion, Wild Boar, Snake, Cat, Cock and Fish. These postures evolved into styles of combat and contemplation. For the creation of the artistic form of Bhu, Kalaripayattu is explored in its artistic form: ‘Lasya Tatva’. The Kalaripayattu masters are warriors as well as healers. The practice of Kalaripayattu involves intensive training in combat as well as healing techniques, using the energising potential of human touch. 

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Date(s) - 11/05/2018
8:30 pm - 10:15 pm

H. K. Arts