85°C Cafe

85°C Cafe

With the vision to bring sumptuous delicate recipes to the platter, we introduce the go to cafe in your premise of Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad, 85°C.

85°C, sounds abstract, does it not? Well, 85°C is the optimum temperature for pouring in a piping hot cup of coffee and it remains constant irrespective of the geographical location where the coffee is made or served. Staying true to this essence of perfection, we intend to bring flavours from all across the globe on your plate constantly.

We wish to not just bring good food and great beverages to you but also bring you an ambience for better conversations, discussions, debates and arguments. 85°C wishes to be the venue for the free and radical thinkers while giving them the platform to voice their opinion, wait it ain’t
always going to be serious, we will have events and open mics for all of us to have good laugh over a cuppa, and with Alliance Francaise’ umbrella it will only be bigger, better and more interesting. We know and believe that newness is not just desired and craved for but also turns out to be a need specially when it pertains to our taste buds. With that in mind we have crafted our menu and will keep the doors open to your suggestions for improving and improvising them to keep it tasting fresh and has some novelty everyday.

We strongly believe that food is the greatest amalgamation of art and science that moves us from within and titillates all our senses at the same time, so let our food be not just for your body, but for your soul and thought too.

Website: http://www.85degreec.in
Phone no: 9978121825
Email: [email protected]