Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas.”
― Marie Curie

The Night of Ideas, an annual event renowned for its engaging panel discussions on pertinent topics, is back for its 9th edition. This year, the spotlight will shine on “AI and the Real World.

What sets this edition apart is the addition of a captivating book launch, featuring esteemed authors Appupen and Laurent Daudet. Following the book launch, both authors will participate in a thought-provoking panel discussion, exploring various facets of AI.

So, don’t miss the chance and join us on:

📅 Date: 28-2-2024
🕕 Time: 6:00 pm
📍 Venue: The French Gallery

Laurent Daudet, Co-CEO at LightOn, a Paris startup he co-founded in 2016, leads a team focused on Large Language Models. Professor of Physics at Université Paris Cité, he’s an expert in signal processing, information theory, and wave physics with thought-provoking insights on AI’s transformative power and the balancing act of innovation and regulation. With academic roles at prestigious institutions like Queen Mary University of London, Laurent has authored numerous publications.

George Mathen, known as Appupen, is a celebrated visual artist known for his satirical comics and allegorical graphic novels exploring dystopian themes. His distinct style combines bold visuals with minimal text, delivering sharp social and political commentary. Creator of the Halahala world, his work is infused with dark humor. Since his debut with “Moonward” in 2009, Appupen has been a leading voice in Indian comics.

Janvi Sonaiya, a respected journalist and content writer, is renowned for her commitment to truth and unique perspective. With a notable career across esteemed publications like Ahmedabad Mirror and Divya Bhaskar, she’s recognized for insightful interviews and unbiased journalism. Her work has earned accolades from prestigious outlets such as The Wire, CNN, Al Jazeera, and NBC News.


The founder of an AI start-up at the core of the ChatGPT revolution, is on the verge of selling his technology to a large digital conglomerate when he begins to see and hear things that raise questions about the true motivations of his client. Is this the deal every entrepreneur dream of, or the start of a long and difficult battle that threatens humanity as we know it?
Writer and artist Appupen and co-writer Laurent Daudet deliver the most urgent story of our time in all its many dimensions. Exciting, baffling, ethically challenging, it demands engagement, and action.