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ArtSpeaks – Open Call

Alliance Francaise d’Ahmedabad presents ArtSpeaks, a platform beyond borders of artists and thinkers who through their work, be it in a form of an installation, exhibition, talks, and other experiments, could provoke thoughts and stimulate discussions. The objective of the platform is to have interventions of upcoming and established artists, local or international, that could engage the audiences through their ... Read More »

French Karaoke Workshop

French Karaoke Workshop (20h) On Wednesday and Thursday: 4:15 pm to 6:15 pm Learn French with the beauty of the music. Here, at Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad, you don’t learn a language, you acquire it. Let us explore the French language and culture via music and karaoké. Let us learn something good in fun way. Eager to help you discover the ... Read More »

Shiv Yin | Indian Classical meets Chinese Contemporary

Section: Performing Arts Shiv-Yin Indian classical meets Chinese contemporary Artistic Direction and Choreography: Rukminee Chatterjee and Almin Teng Alliance Francaise Francaise d’Ahmedabad presents, Shiv Yin is a rare performance bringing China and India together through dance and music. It is a beautiful love story that traverses the emotions of love, anger, jealousy and ultimate union, through a vibrant interpretation of classical ... Read More »

Les Pepites

Les Pepites | Month of Documentary 7 pm, 24th November 2017 | French Gallery The children of Phnom Penh scavenging the dump-site to survive meet a recently retired couple discovering Cambodia. This is an extraordinary human story of Christian and Marie France and how they changed the lives of more than 10,000 kids over 20 years. Screening is also a ... Read More »

Cafe Philo

Section: Philosophy Café Philo (In French) A place to deconstruct and shape ideas, thoughts, and philosophies through talks, debates and discussions in an informal setting. Inspired from the Parisian gatherings of people from different professions and classes, this is an attempt to have some honest conversations. It is a great opportunity to improve your French too!  Prerequisite: Level B1   ... Read More »

Survival Kit

Don’t go to France without the minimum: Online Survival kit (40 hours / 1 month ) (Short term French course)   The course, designed for students with no prior knowledge of the language, starts in French from the first instant and is built around a story that involves the kinds of day to day activities that are often neglected in ... Read More »

Tariff and Promotional Offers

Level Type Half Level: A1.1 (60 hrs), A2.1 (60 hrs), B1.1 (90 hrs), B2.1 (90 hrs), C1.1 (100 hrs) Full Level: A1 (120 hrs), A2 (120 hrs), B1 (180 hrs), B2 (180 hrs), C1 (200 hrs) Full Level (books complimentary) A1:  18300/-   A2: 18300/-     B1:  27300/-   B2: 27300/-    C1:  30300/-  Half Level (books to be bought separately) A1.1:  ... Read More »