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Introduction to French Arts, Philosophy and Literature

Introduction to French Arts, Philosophy and Literature‘ (20H)

This course aims at introducing you to the immense culture of France from different eras. 

For each lesson, we will talk about a painter, a philosopher and a writer, and explore the main ideas that underpin their work. At the end of the lesson, you shall be able to describe and analyse what you see, listen to, and think in French and will have improved your vocabulary. You will gain general knowledge about France, which is very important if you plan to go to a Francophone country to study or to work. 

Example of a lesson: 

1/ Some clues about the painter/the writer, the context and the artistic movement.
2/ Describe the painting together and voice your feelings about it. 
3/ Make a list of key words that we learnt during the lesson (name of colors, forms, verbs…).

Day: Wednesday

Timing: 4:30pm to 6pm 

From Wednesday 15 November to Wednesday 14 February

Prerequisite: Level A2

Contact reception for registering