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Fête de la musique

Venez nous rejoindre pour fêter la fête de la musique ! Dimanche 21 juin, dans les locaux de l’Alliance à partir de 7 PM. Come to join us at La fête de musique ! Read More »

Musical Evening: “Christmas Carols”

Musical Evening: “Christmas Carols” It’s Christmas!!! And Christmas bring with it a wide range of festive music. What could make Christmas more magical than nice soothing music? So we welcome you this December to a musical evening with a touch of Christmas to it. With the success of the last musical evening held for the occasion of ‘fete de la ... Read More »

CinéClub: Möbius

CinéClub: “Möbius” Date: 12 December 2014 Time: 7:00 pm Venue : French Gallery Subtitles: English Runtime: 1h43m Genre: Thriller   Synopsis: Monaco provides the glamorous setting for an undercover sting set up by Gregory Lioubov (Jean Dujardin) to entrap corrupt tycoon, Ivan Rostrovski (cult film hero Tim Roth). The brilliant and beautiful financial trader, Alice (Cécile de France, one of Variety’s 2010 Top ... Read More »

CinéClub: Queen of Montreuil

CinéClub: “Queen of Montreuil” Date: 28 November 2014 Time: 7:00 pm Venue : French Gallery Subtitles: English Runtime: 1h27m Genre: Comedy   Synopsis: It’s early summer and Agathe is back in France, at home in Montreuil. She has to get over her husband’s death and return to her work as a film director. The unexpected arrival at her house of a couple of ... Read More »

Exhibition: “Zardozi” by Shahidhussain Ansari

Exhibition: “Zardozi aur Aari” by Shahidhussain Ansari Date of inauguration*: 21 November 2014 Time: 7:00 pm Venue: French Gallery Open for public view: 22-25 November 2014 *for inauguration, entry by invitation only. On the occasion of the World Heritage Week, Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad invites you to discover an age-old art form that dates back to the Mughal days. Ahmedabad based ... Read More »

Mois du Film Documentaire

November is the month of documentary films. Every year in the month of November, libraries, cinemas, associations and other places, all over France organize projection of documentaries and make available for public at large these rare films. Image en Bibliotheque is the association that makes it possible for the libraries to have an access to a large number of films ... Read More »

Documentary Film Screening: “Seeds war”

Documentary Film Screening: “Seeds war” Directed by: Clément Montfort Are seeds a commodity or a vital resource to be shared for the benefit of Humanity like the water we drink or the air we breeze ? In the near future, farmers might lose the right to plant their own seeds. Indeed, in Europe, a regulation is emerging which will impose strict ... Read More »

Theatre: Molière in 5 Minutes

Theatre: Molière in 5 Minutes This October, The Library brings you a hilarious evening of theatres of ‘Molière’, considered as the greatest French playwright and actor in Western theatre. Be our Participant and take up the challenge to act selected extracts of various plays of Moliere, within 5 minutes and win exciting prizes. Or enjoy the evening with our participants ... Read More »

CinéClub: “Versailles” by Pierre Schoeller

CinéClub: “Versailles” Date: 10 October 2014 Time: 7:00 pm Venue : French Gallery Subtitles: English Runtime: 1h54m Genre: Drama   Synopsis: A young mother Nina and her son Enzo find themselves sleeping on the streets of Paris. Their tentative lifestyle eventually leads them to Versailles. Out in the woods near the palace, they meet a man named Damien who lives cut off ... Read More »