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Director’s Desk

Frédérique Terzan, directrice de l'Alliance Française

Frédérique Terzan, directrice de l’Alliance Française


One of the most exciting months are ahead of us, as the entire county will lit up in Franco-Indian colours. I’m very pleased to announce Bonjour India 2017, an Indo-French moment that will unfold from November 2017 to February 2018. Bonjour India will touch 34 cities in India with around 100 programs to bring out the innovative and creative potential of both countries. Through partnerships in its three thematic pillars Smart Citizen, High Mobility and Go Green, Bonjour India will shape the next decade of human exchange between France and India.  Beyond what France is usually known for, Bonjour India sees a flourishing of partnership extending from the cultural field into the technological or environmental sectors.

Ahmedabad will be buzzing with various cultural activities, workshops, classes in the upcoming months. These are the times of celebration, of laughter, of meeting of two cultures, of Christmas. Let’s celebrate it together. From past 36 years now, Alliance Francaise has brought time and again “culture du monde” to the city. Thousands of students of all ages, have learnt French language and culture in our center and have made careers out of it. Today is your chance. The Franco-Indian partnership is stronger than ever, and this is the time to pick up French as a language for numerous opportunities that are waiting to knock your doors. We begin our next regular session in January. Join us in advance to avail all the offers and be a part of our family.

Warm wishes,
Frédérique Terzan


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