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Director’s Desk

Frédérique Terzan, directrice de l'Alliance Française

Frédérique Terzan, directrice de l’Alliance Française

Namaste, Bonjour,

These last months were particularly intense as we celebrated the cooperation of France and India through the festival of Bonjour India. I want to thank you for having been a part of this incredible event around India and particularly in Ahmedabad. French Animation Festival, French Digital Creation and Future Tour were wonderful moments to discover the French culture and the opportunities to build bridges between India and France : Innovation, Creativity and Partnership!

I’m happy to announce that March will be intense as well. We will be celebrating the International Women’s Day at the Alliance Française through our social networks, an exhibition in the French Gallery by our students and a conference/open discussion on the 10th about the meaning of feminism in the world. Then, we will begin the week of the Francophonie, celebrating all aspects of French culture and language through a series of events, like the French Gastronomy Day celebrated in partnership with Novotel on the 21st March, a film screening, a conference opening up a world full of career opportunities and much more. Stay tuned with us for more information.

I am also happy to launch a new session of courses from this April and the crash summer courses. And don’t forget to register for the International French certification exams DELF-DALF in the upcoming session. Discover in this Decouvrir what timings are the best for you and become, as a student, a member or a donator, a part of our growing family.

Frédérique Terzan,
Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad